My Story


Welcome to Everyday Beautiful Human! My name is Erin B. Hughes and this is a project of my heart.

My favorite thing to do when I was a kid was to draw: horses, people, flowers, buildings, birds, anything that caught my eye. Drawing made me happy.

In high school and college I would ask professors if I could do an art project instead of writing a paper. And I am still grateful for those professors who said yes. Drawing was joined by bookbinding and collaging in how I spent much of my free time. After college I got away from creating art and started a career in the healing arts. Years passed and I didn't think much about my former passion. 

When my son, Davis, started preschool in January 2013 at St. Mark's Preschool and Kindergarten, the teachers told me that there was a mailbox for each classroom. Each day parents were supposed to write letters to their children, a love note, so the kids could receive mail at school. What started out as a quick note dashed off when I dropped Davis off for school became an opportunity to rediscover my passion for drawing.


And even more, it was an opportunity to share in Davis's wonder at the world, to connect with my child, and to see the beauty that exists in the everyday, in all of us. Because we are all Everyday Beautiful Human.