From Love Note to Greeting Card – Light Up

Posted on May 01, 2015 by Erin Hughes | 0 comments

When I choose a love note to transform into a greeting card there are two main things I look for. First, I want a message that can reach a wider audience than my now six-year old son. (He's a wonderful audience, but an audience of one nonetheless!)  Second, I want an image that will easily work in the traditional card format. For me that size is 4.5"x 6.25". 

The first evolution I'm spotlighting on the blog is the Light Up Card

The original love note looked like this, a quick sketch of Davis's snap circuit set and a sweet note. When I created this note we had just been learning how to build functioning circuits.

and the greeting card looks like this

Of course there are a number of differences between the original love note and the finished greeting card (I didn't think the greeting card should have the "love Mama and Papa" signature!), but the original concept is present. The fact that the connecting a simple electric circuit makes a bulb light up is true whether you are a curious preschooler, a busy college student, a tired parent, or a 60-year-old business man or woman. And like basic electrical circuitry, human connection is the same whatever our age. So take the time today to connect with someone you love and light up!

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