Creating Art with Davis – Collaging the Summer Rainstorms

Posted on June 07, 2015 by Erin Hughes | 0 comments

Sometimes when I am collaging or drawing, my son, Davis, will want to create art side-by-side with me. I often collage while sitting on the floor of my home studio/office so there is plenty of room for Davis to join me. My deep love of decorative and handmade papers means there is always an abundance of collage materials and I keep a good stock of non-toxic adhesives on hand. Add in a couple of pairs of scissors and we are ready to create some art! Sometimes Davis will collage based on the same theme I am working on such as when we created side-by-side pieces inspired by the summer rainstorms here in Tucson. Below you can see the piece Davis made (I have this one hanging next to my desk).

And the one I created.

At other times Davis launches himself into intricate drawings of irrigation systems or diagrams of how storm water drains here in the desert, subjects I have never thought to tackle! Our styles are very different and I love to watch him create and express himself through art. 

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